Maine Stick Chick

Welcome to the world of the MaineStickChick! I appreciate your taking the time to visit my site. I hope you will feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have about the works you see before you. I’m easy to reach at or by phone – 207.422.2324.

The intention of my work is to bring each viewer a little piece of nature that they will hopefully want to take home and find a special place for it. Perhaps one of the pieces will be reminiscent of your hike in Acadia National Park or a stroll on the shores of Sand Beach, filling your pockets with “booty”. The treasures I use in my work are free for discovery and taking; the question is what to do with them once you’ve gathered them for yourself? MaineStickChick has created a useful and lasting works of art, capturing nature’s delight and bounty.